Thursday, August 23, 2012

EVP Chollar Mine Virginia City NV 7-7-12 - Voice To Voice EVP #24

  The Chollar is one of the larger mines from the 1860's in Virginia City, NV.  It has its history and its past. Now our guide didn't divulge any ghost stories of the mine while we were there, but the location was one those featured on the original documentary that the TV-show "Ghost Adventures" sprang from. 

Just as we entered the inside of the mine, and the guide was explaining the layout of the mine and others close by, you can hear the sound of what sounds to me like a young boy talk in the background.  Now I know that while she was talking here, there was no small boy talking.  There is one pictured in the video below, but he wasn't talking.  I have my hunch what he says, and I think he is vocalizing an observation of what he saw inside the mine, as if he was outside the mine watching.

There are all kinds of cool, old places to visit in Virginia City, NV, and this was just one of them.  Many ghost stories evoke the small Com Stock town, and with all of the nooks and crannies to investigate, it is worth your time and efforts to check it out!

A. Anderson

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