Tuesday, June 4, 2013

EVP Market Street Theater San Francisco CA 4-6-13 Voice To Voice EVP #32

Right after the GHOST ADVENTURES episode aired on the investigation of the old Market Street Theater in San Francisco, we had a rare chance to do our own personal investigation.

I and 6 others began a rainy saturday investigation that lasted about 5 hours in the old movie palace, now strip club since 1972.

We came out with some interesting results in our evidence. 

Opened as Grauman’s Imperial Theatre on December 22, 1912, this theatre remained under the operation of Grauman’s until it was sold in 1919.

The theatre was first renamed in August of 1929, as the Premiere Theatre, and then, in 1931, it was renamed again, this time as the United Artists Theatre after undergoing a remodel to the plans of architectural firm Walker & Eisen, with architect Clifford A. Balch. In 1967, the theatre was purchased by Loews, which operated it until 1972, when it became the Market Street Cinema.

Regular movies gave way to XXX adult films and in recent years, these were dropped in favor of adult ‘live’ entertainment performances. The Market Street Cinema was closed around April 2013.

The Market Street Cinema was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1986

Charles (who directed a recent horror film "The G-String Horror" inside the club, took us around and showed us the particular areas and told us the stories.

We broke into three investigation teams and set out to tackle this old theater.  You have to keep in mind the strip club is a small portion of this enormous theater.  The old stage and bottom floor seating was removed and the strip club was built in its place, a large box.  The balcony remained but the seats were all removed.

We recorded some interesting EVPs inside the club itself, the apartment, the basement (where territorial spirit J.J. lives).

We did not capture any evidence up in the old theater balcony area or projectionist booth, but I did include some video on the end so you can at least see what these areas look like.

Some very interesting finds inside this movie palace which I get the feeling won't be around too much longer the way the entire street around it is being shuttered up.

It was a great opportunity to explore and investigate.
Check out the video and see for yourself.

At one point I indicate that there is no evidence found on the video portion in the basement, but I did find it later, so you will see it marked by subtitles on the footage itself.

I won't say too much about the video evidence I caught on the strip club dance stage itself, take a look, I think it is very interesting if nothing else.

A. Anderson

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