Sunday, October 30, 2011

EVP PRESTON CASTLE Basement Kitchen - Voice To Voice EVP #19


Opening its doors in 1864 this Castle housed wards of the state and minors brought over from San Quentin.  There have been a number of famous Preston Boys and even a couple of unsolved murders.
Our overnight was on September 24, 2011,  It was very hot in Ione, CA that night, but we didn't let the heat get us down.  Between bat swooping and white owls hooting, we soldiered on in our investigation.

We split up into teams and took different floors in the first half of the night.  I can't say that I had any profound physical moments inside this old building (which closed its doors in the 1960's), but I did see a few shadow figures and captured some interesting EVPs.

I have to say, on this investigation, I have never see so many of my team that all hear the same things at the same time, this kept happening throughout the night and some even on my own.  A good example of this is in this video segment at the end, where I captured it both with my usual voice recorder and my digital Sony MiniDisc recorder as well.

We split our night up into 2 sessions, before midnight and then another from 1-4am.  We kept the same teams and we decided to mix it up a bit when we went back in, every team agreed to find one spot on their designated floor and remain absolutely still and quiet for a total of 30 minutes, to see if we discover anything different.  I have to say in the Infirmary, we heard quite a few footsteps, up and down the hall going into the infirmary and at one point I thought I saw the figure of a man peering into the room we were all sitting in.

The bulk of EVPs I captured were on the basement floor and the 3rd floor, and very little in between.  What you will see and hear now is all of the basement EVPs I collected that I felt were interesting if not for their audio contents, but the fact that so many of us all interacted with them.  Take a look and see for yourself.  Is Preston Castle haunted?  

A. Anderson

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