Wednesday, January 19, 2011

EVP - EVP VOICEMAIL? - Voice To Voice EVP #6

Ever check your voicemail and find a message that sounds like a string of gibberish words or sounds?  Almost as though someone was talking backwards or nonsensical?  These types of messages are not as uncommon as you might think, and could very possibly be paranormal in nature.

We have all heard stories of people receiving phone calls from a loved one telling them that they are okay and to take care of themselves or other family members, only to discover a few minutes or even hours later that that person had passed away at the same time the call was made.  
So maybe Aunt Bertha was worried and called you to tell you that you need to take care of Uncle George and that she is fine and wanted to say hello.  Then another family member calls you a few hours later to tell you the exact time that Aunt Bertha passed in the hospital was the same time she called and talked to you.  It is not as uncommon as you might think.
A friend was exploring Saint Vincent's church in the Bay area and after she left she checked her voicemail on her cell phone and received an interesting message that said:

"Um. There is someone in the basement with you. She should always come and see.  Step on up here-uh." 

She sent it along to me for analysis and I present it in a presentation if you want to check it with this post.  She claims she has received over 300 messages since and all are empty.
This reminded me of a call I received back in November 2006, I had been fast asleep (having just tried EVP for the first time the day prior) and was awakened by a call on my cell at 5:16 AM.  I ignored it and it stopped ringing, but did not go to voicemail.  A minute later another call and I grabbed the phone and looked at the number to see who was calling me, it read: 000-000-0000.  I also noticed the first call that I ignored read: 999-999-9999.  I let it go to voicemail and then decided to see who it was in case it was a family member with an emergency. 
Listening back I hear the voicemail.  It was 2 minutes of silence, as if someone had called and set the phone down and said nothing.  I thought there was nothing, then in the very last moment of the message I got a man saying: "Oh my god, I hope someone is there, pick up."
Who was leaving this mysterious message to me so early in the morning?  What was the emergency that caused the panic in his voice?  We shall never know.
So next time you hear that cell phone ring and you answer and it seems like gibberish, it may prove to be someone who is watching you or watched you  as you went on about your daily agenda and had to call to comment on it.  So be on your best behavior.
A. Anderson

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