Thursday, February 10, 2011


The rule of thumb for most ghost hunters it seems, is never, ever record EVP inside your own home.  Most just take it as "I don't need to know or I don't want to know."  Well if you are really a ghost hunter or a paranormal investigator (a term I like better, I mean who wants to be hunter really, alive or dead?), why on earth would you turn a blind eye to what is around you inside your own home?  I mean you have no problems traveling and going into other people's homes and recording and seeing what might lurk in their basements or bedrooms, but not inside your own?  This just puzzles me.  How do you know what might have followed you home from an investigation?  Or has been living with you for years?  Only one way to find out and that is to record.

Being a paranormal investigator over 2 years, I was told this rule of thumb, never record inside your own home.  I kept to this for a while, but thought, well how would we know who or what is around us while we slept at night?  So, I decided to give it a try and see what I captured.
At first it was random words, or phrases, "Dead", "Hi", "Tony", etc.  Then it expanded to more frightening phrases like "Hunt and pray with the Devil", and "Phenol" which I looked up and is an embalming agent used to put into bodies for study as it keeps them for longer periods of time.  Then the words became sentences and back and forth between a number of voices.  So, with this EVP presentation, I give you just a handful of some of the downright creepy and disturbing words of... something.

Now, because I am a paranormal investigator, am I being targeted for simply trying to communicate with someone or something else around us I can't see or hear?  Since when does communication mean an act of violence?  Or some kind of threat?  After hearing some of these, you have to really ask yourself what is around us that we can't see or hear? 
I know many investigators get whispers or parts of words, or sounds, it seems I get full voices and phrases.  No idea why this happens, but it does.  All my EVP's are genuine and I tend to do my recording alone if at all possible, to ensure clean recording with no outside anomalies or interfering sounds.

So, I eventually slowed down and stopped recording inside my house.  Now ask me about what has happened since then... well, that is another blog tale for another time.

A. Anderson


  1. Hi my name is wendy. I have been to a few graveyards that i have recorded several evp s which id say are class a evps and ever since doing that i first recorded a voice on a mini camcorder in my bathroom that said what ya gonna do and now im getting lots of evp s in my house such as im in the bathroom that is very clear and i also have done a ghostbox session where i asked where the spirits are and they answered in your bedroom. I dont know if something followed us home is the reason im getting so many evp s now ? If you could hear some of them maybe you could tell me what you think. I have some on inside the box on the yahoo group see Luckystar file. Thanks Wendy ps nothing is happening in my home just getting many evp s and in several room , even the garage. Thanks

    1. email me at texasgirl302@yahoo.com

  2. Hello my name is Mike I also do a lot of evp's in my House and I get many class A evp's. They say don't do this which may be true because my son who is 14 called it out and I got a response that said "stupid brat " I have been called a Bitch and many other things . My point is that maybe if you show no fear they won't bother you but I have stopped doing them !

  3. I too, get class A sentences in my home pretty much anytime I want.. they answer questions..


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