Sunday, March 27, 2011

ALCATRAZ EVP's - Voice To Voice EVP #12

Staying overnight on Alcatraz is an experience that a fair number have done.  For the average tourist or person with a curious interest in "The Rock", staying the night, just isn't desired, or an option.  For the rest of us, it is an intimate time to explore history and if you are a paranormal investigator, explore.

Our group was around 12 people, so it was easy to break off and do out own thing and then join up and investigate.  I spent a great deal of time by myself as to ensure any EVP's would not be contaminated with echoing voices of others as they passed by.  When alone, I tag like crazy so that every sound is labeled.

I also had the opportunity to learn the layout of the prison itself, as we were only allowed to wander alone, in the main jailhouse and not anywhere else on the island without the Ranger.  Still, I did my best to cover the entire jailhouse and did some video and audio work and I think my results were worth the effort.

Down in the citadel, under the main jailhouse, it was the original Civil War barracks for soldiers, and it is being currently cleaned up and restored.  There are still some areas blocked away from the public, but it was interesting to think, they literally built the Federal prison on top of the fort itself.

Down in one of the rooms alone, before we broke off into a group to do some work, I had a few EVP's that were curious.  One was where I said why I was down there, "Just wanted to talk" and second later got a reply from a woman that said, "They make us move here."  So who makes them move there?

I had a sad EVP while sitting at the main guard desk on Broadway in the jailhouse.  I said, "Sitting at the main desk," and a male reply came with a sad, "Forget love."  Sounds like he was not happy on The Rock.

If you ever get a chance to spend the night on the island and investigate, it is worth the trouble and time.  You never know whom you may be with.  Soon I will put together a video or two of our night on the island so you can see the overnight adventure.  Until then, keep listening to those voices...

A. Anderson

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