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The Mizpah Hotel, located in Tonopah, Nevada, opened its doors in 1907 and was the tallest building in town until 1929.  Just down the street, the legendary Wyatt Earp owned and operated a saloon and boxer, Jack Dempsey was rumored to have been a bouncer at the Mizpah.  Of course history has another version of the story in that Earp long left Tonopah before the Mizpah opened, and Jack Dempsey said he was never a bouncer.  

Is this hotel in the small mining town of Tonopah, haunted?  Well, I suppose it depends on whom you ask and what experiences they might have had.  Did I feel anything out of the ordinary in the hotel?  No, not especially.  Still, that doesn’t mean there aren’t those that had personal encounters or experiences.  

Paranormal experiences are a very personal in nature and different for each person in both how they are experienced and how they are perceived.   I did have a couple of experiences at the Mizpah over the weekend.

The first was in the basement, in what used to be the original 1st floor of the hotel.  Down below are 2 old mines as well as an old Post Office.  I sat with a friend, Terri, in on chairs in the remains of the old post office and heard a loud “Pssst” in my left ear.  It was loud enough to make note of it and ask Terri is she heard it as well.  She did not, so we can chalk it up to personal experience.  We did hear small rocks drop in one of the corners, but that seemed a non-paranormal occurrence.  
The other personal experience was on the 1st floor.  There were all kinds of antiques and items being stored on this floor of the hotel, and this is also where the hotel staff had offices, etc.  I was doing some EVP work with Terri, and saw in the hallway a shadow figure dart across the wall of a hallway, located across the hall from us.  Oddly enough, I saw another shadow figure two nights earlier at the Jim Butler Inn next door.  Is something following me, watching my every move?  
During our group séance on Saturday night, I did have a strong emotion of frustration, betrayal and disappointment.  I also had a nagging agitation of not knowing ultimately what to do, so it resulted in twitching and twiddling of thumbs to release the built up tension.   I did mention during the séance that I felt two children were sledding with an old antique snow sled.  Later that same night during our second night of investigating, what should Terri point out in amongst the antiques?  An old antique snow sled, although this was green, I saw the more traditional red and wood colored one during the séance.  Does this mean anything?  Probably not, pure coincidence, but still makes you think about the things and occurrences that happen around us without us every knowing it.

As far as EVP’s at the Mizpah, well I captured a loud one in the basement with Terri.  We had had the group tour of the basement earlier in the evening and we went back down to try some solo work without the group.  We fist went to the mine area and heard someone else a distance away, so thought it better to move to the old post office.  As we walked away, an EVP was captured of what I would call commentary on what we were doing.
Another odd experience and a resulting EVP was when Terri and I were going to call it quits for the second night and got into the elevator and pressed the 4th floor button.  The elevator went up and stopped on the 5th floor instead.  We got out and nobody was around, we stepped out and I asked if someone had come up to the 5th floor with us.  I got my answer pretty fast and loud.  Please see the video with this blog post for the EVP response.
Another time in the lobby we kept hearing footsteps, but never saw anyone, and another investigator had the same exact experience in the lobby, footsteps and nobody to claim ownership of the noises.
Maybe some of those miners are still at the Mizpah, looking for the casino or a good drink.  Check it out, you never can tell.
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