Sunday, January 9, 2011

EVP: RETURN TO 150 OTIS - Voice To Voice EVP #5

In July 2010, I and some fellow investigators, investigated an old, former, Juvenile detention home at 150 Otis in San Francisco.  Built in 1916, it served both boys and girls and even infants within its 9 floors.  Locals called the look of the building the "tombstone" due to its tall tombstone like architecture.   The building has seen its share of history and when it first opened its doors, there were over 40 escape  attempts in the first 6 months alone.  Some met with tragic ends while slipping and falling while trying to move outside of windows or down drainpipes.  Others even resorted to drinking poison than enters its doors.  With money tight during the depression and so much overcrowding, you just imagine the conditions of the surgical facilities on the top floor.

We captured video, audio and photos, providing an interesting display of EVP's.  We had access to the basement, and collected even more evidence.  Here is a collection of EVP's I gathered from this trip; some interesting finds indeed.

With future plans for the building already set in motion to convert the space to housing for homeless veterans, this was a once, no make that twice chance to investigate before the opportunity would escape forever as time marches on.


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