Sunday, February 27, 2011

EVP Old San Francisco Mint 2-12-11 Voice To Voice EVP #9

The second mint building for San Francisco on 5th street, was built in 1874 and was designed by Alfred B. Mullett.  During the 1906 earthquake the mint was holding over 300 million dollars, over a third of the United States' gold reserve.  The mint was in operation until 1937 where  a new, third mint building was constructed on Hermann street and operated from 1937 - 1955, then operation was suspended until 1968 when it took over coinage production from Philadelphia.  The second mint building was declared a landmark in 1961, and will open as the Old Mint Museum in 2012.
I attended an expo event, which gave visitors a peek into what the museum will become, with guided tours and neighborhood exhibits from all over San Francisco; each presenting history of their own corner of the city. 
I and a friend Terri, dipped into a couple of vaults, to do some EVP work, take some photographs, etc.  Now take it there were some crowds in and around the vaults on the basement level, but when these recordings were made, we were alone each time inside the vaults.  I can attest, no member of my party who was with us, called my name, or sounded like these.  Take a listen and a look.  Who is trying to get my attention?  And why exactly do I need to experience efficiency?

A. Anderson
Photo by Sanfranman59

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