Monday, June 11, 2012


Winding down the last night of an entire weekend of investigation in Virginia City, NV at the St. Mary Louise Hospital, we had stayed the night in the Miner's Brewery, which was across the street from both the Miner's Cabin (as seen on Ghost Adventures) and also the Yellow-Jacket Mine.


The mine is beside the cottage and if you walk up the side of the hill above, you will find what seems like either another part of the Yellow-Jacket Mine, or an entirely different mine altogether.  We hiked up on a late sunday afternoon, just after checking in to see what we could see and hear and record.

We first came upon this cave entrance first; not very big, but seemed interesting enough, so we did a brief EVP session outside of it and I left my audio recorder running while I took the video camera on up the hill.



Hiking up the rocky path (I don't recommend anyone attempting this in the dark, it is dangerous enough during the day, be VERY careful where you step, you can slip easily!) we made it to the top, where we found this small, engine cottage that kept the mine running, bringing rocks out of the mine hole and then sending them down the chute to the bottom of the hill (not far from the cave entrance above).

We did some short EVP at the larger mine hole going straight down and the story goes a number of miners lost their lives in a mine fire at the Yellow-Jacket back in the late 1800's. 



With no results to speak of, we headed back down the hill to grab my audio recorder.  Knowing full well that if anything was captured on the audio recorder, it wouldn't be discovered until the audio was played back or reviewed.


Flash forward to late May, when I reviewed the audio and found not voices of any kind, but a strange physical anomaly.  I won't spoil it, I will let you watch the video clip, but it gives me more food for thought on the possibility of physical movement in our atmosphere.


Anthony Anderson

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