Thursday, June 21, 2012

EVP VIRGINIA CITY NEVADA MISC 4-27-12 - Voice To Voice EVP #22

Virginia City with it's less than 900 population is almost like a movie set when you first arrive.  Wooden beam sidewalks and Saloon's from the mid-1800's line the streets.  So while attending a recent paranormal event at St .Mary Louise Hospital, we stopped around town to investigate some other spots.  

First, the famous OLD WASHOE CLUB and MUSEUM.  We had a drink, looked around the museum and then proceeded to a small door in the back called "The Crypt".  This was where those deceased were stored until they could be removed due to the fact that it stays very cold even in the Summer while blistering hot outside.

Stayed at the GOLD HILL HOTEL, and while not being able to stay in the "Miner's Cabin" as seen on "Ghost Adventures", we stayed across the street in this 2 story cottage house called the "Brewery" (the same spot used to be an old brewery until it burned down).  If you have a group of 7-10 people, this small house would be perfect.  Terri stayed on the bottom floor, I stayed on the top and I recorded the voice of an interesting gentleman, although I can't make out what he said, it wasn't me and Terri was the only other person in the house.

Here is the hallway inside the Brewery Cottage upstairs. This is looking out of the Master bedroom looking down the hall towards the stairs leading up to this top floor.  I also set up a video camera in the hall overnight and checked to make sure it was recording when I went to sleep, only to find somehow the menu screen had been turned on and left on all night.

We had also stopped into the MARK TWAIN MUSEUM in Virginia City and had to visit the much-talked about "Vortex to another dimension" that was where a long totem pole sits along one of the gift shop walls.  I did some EVP near the "Vortex" and received and interesting answer, as you will see in the video if you listen real close.  It has a raspy sound to the tone of the voice.

On the way home we stopped off at Donner State Park, to see the monument and museum.  We walked the path to this spot, this large rock ,where two of the families of the Donner Party, stopped and did their best to survive.  They built a cabin with this large rock as the back wall, to house the fireplace against.  It is said the bodies of the settlers were found and burned right on this same spot and then buried in the same place beneath this plaque.  

I did some EVP briefly and received only a single answer back of one word.  

There are so many interesting places around marking both history and legend, and many times the paranormal rests in between both of these.  People who know ghost hunters also know they tend to have a fascination for history as well.  Odd pairing paranormal and history, but they also tend to help support one another in survival.  When an old building is deemed "haunted", paranormal folks rally round and come up with fund-raising events investigations, etc, to support and help keep the building and create new life for it (such as The Goldfield High School in Goldfield, NV or the Pardee Museum House in Oakland CA).  By having these paranormal events, it brings in money which is donated to upkeep the buildings and keep them from being demolished and turned into condos or strip-malls.

So, next time you hear a ghost story and its inside an old building, pass the world along to that friend of yours who is into the paranormal, it just may save that building!

A. Anderson

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