Tuesday, August 21, 2012

EVP SAN REMO HOTEL RESTAURANT San Francisco CA 6-30-12 - Voice To Voice EVP #23

The San Remo Hotel, located in North Beach in San Francisco, CA, is a small 62-Room hotel built right after the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake, to house those that helped rebuild the city.

Now I was a member of the San Francisco Ghost Society, and we held a conference at the hotel in 2010 in October, and it was a success!

Now, this coming October 20, 2012, we are doing a return investigation event called "GHOST QUEST".  Price includes room for the night, investigation, equipment room, hospitality suite, evidence room.  Also raffle for prizes and even the chance to spend the night in many of the hotel's haunted rooms.

Now we have captured many EVP's in the hotel in the past, whether it was our own private investigations or at our event, but we did another preliminary investigation with the Manager of the hotel and we found some more interesting voices.

Currently the restaurant is not in use, and we used that as our investigation spot for the night.

We went down into the basement and then back upstairs into the kitchen and the dining area.  Keep in mind the dining room was the scene of a wedding massacre back in 1912.  A woman and her husband had their reception dinner and dancing at the restaurant and a former spurned admirer brought a buddy and shotguns to the receptions and opened fire into the crowd.  The violence resulted in 2 deaths and 2 wounded.

 Many artists and sailors and drifters have stayed at this European-style Hotel.  The history surrounds the place and is made of the place.  

Join us in October, we may see some of the former residents, or the very least, hear what they have to say!.


A. Anderson

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