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EVP OLD WASHOE CLUB Virginia City, NV 11-18-12 Voice To Voice EVP #28

On November 18, 2012 I am 5 others trucked out to Cold, snowy, windy, Virginia City, NV for an overnight investigation of the Old Washoe Club.

I think all of us had been there before for a quick tour with 10 other folks clomping around the old "haunted" upstairs.  This time it was going to be different, just the 6 of us.

We arrived prior to midnight, hung around the Washoe and then moved into the Museum close the the time the bar was closing.  After debriefing on locking up, our overnight began.

It had been raining and windy all day when we arrived on Saturday November 18th, and with some luck the rain did stop before midnight, but sadly the wind did not.  It was cold upstairs, bitter cold!  You could hear all the windows and the pieces of the roof rise and fall.  You could hear boards rattling, wind rustling on the upper floors.  Good for a scary haunted house attraction, bad for a paranormal investigation.  Still we did the best we could and continued with business at hand.

We set up shop in the ballroom on the 2nd floor and did a quiet session where nobody said anything, then we did a brief EVP session.  

Before we all filed into the upstairs, Lisa and I stood inside the room where the back door is located and just stood and listened to get a feel for the old place.  To recognize its sounds, its air space, to just learn more about where we were for the night.  We did hear what we thought were some footsteps on the third floor above us and some voices talking as well.  Then the others had joined us and we moved into the ballroom.

After the ballroom I left an Olympus voice recorder in there for most of the night to continue recording.  We all moved off to other rooms and the upper third floor.  I took lots of pictures and we did another EVP session upstairs in a smaller tiled room.  

With not much else as far as visual and audible, we decided to break into groups of 2 for the next 30 minutes and then take a break.  

Terri and I moved back into the "suicide room" on the third floor and the others branched out.  Lots of wind and windows banging later, we decided to take our break.  I left a camcorder on the top of the upper staircase and caught an interesting surprise on audio, I won't spoil it I will let you hear and see it on the video below.

While inside the museum we had a couple of EVP surprises including the singing of a woman who was heard not once, not twice but three times during the night!

We headed back upstairs a little warmer and did another EVP group session in the ballroom again, and then moved around the building and looked around from room to room.

We called it down an hour or so before the sun was scheduled to rise, and it seemed as though we had
very little encounters with anything paranormal.

Well as we all know, a great deal can be found in the evidence review, and that is exactly what was found and compiled into the video above.  Some folks have asked me why I stopped inserting what I thought the EVP's say, I did not want to put the words or phrases into people's heads, I wanted them to decide on their own.  So, now I have compromised and done both, first having you guess, then I tell you what I think they are saying.  

Check out the video, some interesting things were said, to bad we didn't hear them at the time.

A. Anderson

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