Wednesday, December 19, 2012

EVP OLD WASHOE CLUB Virginia City, NV 7-7-12 Voice To Voice EVP #27

 After an event at the Piper's Opera House in Virginia City, NV on July 7, 2012 we headed on over to the Old Washoe Club to get a quick tour upstairs on the famous haunted floors. Our group was rather large at 15+ so it didn't make for personal investigation too much, but it was a great way to see the layout of the place and get a taste of what might be.

We moved into the ballroom and eventually onward either into other rooms or upstairs onto the 3rd floor.  This left only a few of us left in the ballroom, and here is where I captured an EVP of a woman I feel making an observation of all of the people tromping through the place.  In fact it makes me laugh at what her guess is of all of us.  I suggest watching the video below first and see if you can guess what she says and then I will tell you what I think at the end of this blog post, so come back when you finish.

Now that you have seen and heard the EVP, what do you think she is saying or asking is a better term for it.  

I think she was asking someone else "Homeless people?"  I mean come on, 15+ people come stomping up there it's a logical question right?

This EVP was only a taste I found much more interesting ones when we returned for an overnight this past November (a very cold night in November :)  and I will present that very soon! Stay tuned!

A. Anderson

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