Monday, December 26, 2011

EVP PARDEE MUSEUM HOUSE 12-17-11 Voice To Voice EVP #20


I was originally invited to investigate this house in late September, but a bike injury postponed this opportunity.  Recently I was invited back by a friend along with a small handful of others.

It really is amazing to see a house and grounds like this still exist in the surrounding walls of a larger city.  Oakland, CA is home to the Pardee house, which was built in 1868-1869 by Enich Pardee.  There his family resided until 1981, when the last of the children, passed away.   And the house itself nearly didn’t escape the lay of a new freeway in the 1970’s.

The house itself is amazing and since Pardee was a gold rush immigrant and become the Mayor of Oakland and later State Senator, his home was no small affair.  His wife had affection for collecting objects from around the world and the house has cabinets loaded with them on every floor.

Some of his daughter’s bedrooms have personal items still in the closets and even pages of a diary of one of them with comments on her dating and beau’s.  A peek into a family whose house remained intact as time marched onwards.

Now an active museum, guests can tour this amazing house and even take High Tea for lost cost.  We arrived around 7:30pm to investigate and began with the Carriage House.  We began and ended our night’s investigation inside the Carriage House (upstairs) and it seemed all too still and quiet with no activity.
The activity seemed (and I do stress, seemed) to be nowhere around us.  The only time I had a personal experience was when we were walking on the first floor towards the Candlestick parlor, and I heard the sound you would hear if someone whom had been sitting a while in a wicker chair, decided to suddenly get up.   I even called out asking “Did someone just get up from that wicker chair?  Don’t be afraid we’re just here to visit.”

As we moved from room to room, things seemed very quiet.  Well as any paranormal investigator will tell you, it’s all in the review.  And this was a good example of that phrase!

Take a listen and hear the results from what seemed like, a very quiet evening.  Perhaps the resident of the Pardee Museum House, are talkers and not doers.  However Karen and Chuck both said they experienced some tugs on their backs at one point in one of the bedrooms.
See what you think, just who resides in the Pardee house?

Anthony Anderson

For more information visit the Pardee Museum House.

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