Sunday, January 24, 2016

EVP Berkeley City Club, Berkeley, CA December 25, 2015 Voice To Voice EVP #51

Spending a quiet Christmas holiday at this historic Club was relaxing and really was what I needed.  The place was virtually empty except for a few regular club members who came and went to use the pool or relax.  There could not have been more than 15 people in the place the night of December 25th, and it seemed like I never saw more than 1 or 2 at one time inside the hotel during the night.

With no stores or restaurants open to speak of, we found a Japanese place to eat in Downtown Berkeley, then headed back to the hotel for nice relaxing swim (one of many!).

The Club was designed by Julia Morgan, who also designed the famous Hearst Castle and hundreds of other buildings in the Bay area.  I tried a bit of EVP in small sessions around the hotel alone, and the place I had the most results, was the Loggia Room.

I did three sessions inside this room as you will see in the video below, both during the day and at night.  Nothing dark or menacing here, just quiet and relaxation. 

Did I capture anything?  I did, a few good ones, take a look and see for yourself.  Some of my favorite types of EVPs are names, and I managed to get one really good one this time out.

I am going to have to come back for sure.

A. Anderson