Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Having been heavily recording EVP for almost two years now during my research sessions, I have noticed that my name seems to come up more often as I pursue the field.  I won’t deny, many have told me that I seem to record a lot more EVP’s than most, but then maybe it is because I dig deep for long periods of time at what is being said.  Essentially, large numbers of investigators record EVP sessions, but how many actually take the time to go back over the audio and really study it, break it down, decipher it, verify it?  I think if more people took the time to study their own recorded sessions, they would find many things they didn’t expect.  You get out of it what you are willing to put into it, like any task or job.
When I began EVP work I never had my name called.  I often wondered; how do they know my name unless I am being followed?  I mean if you travel to multiple locations in different parts of the city or even outside the city, how are they able to follow?  And since they had been doing this longer, is there a connection with the longer you do this work, the more your name is on somebody’s list, somewhere?  Are they following us or are they, dare I say it, actually piggy-backing inside us?  I mean if we return to our energy element when our physical body dies, we would be both small and invisible, energy can move through objects, and I assume even enter our physical bodies via orafices.  So, if ghost hunters are having this experience and someone is traveling inside them going to scheduled investigations and possibly spreading word of our existence and what we do.  Call them a “ghost group” on the other side if you will (and that will be a topic of its own article later based on my findings). 

Which also leads me to the EVP prompters I spoke of previously, what are ghost hunters looking for, why ghosts of course!  So, what do these piggy-back energy forms do, they prompt somebody else to give us EVP replies that we want to hear.  If all we seek is dead people, well that is exactly what somebody will give us and use somebody else to achieve it; problem is many of those they use, sound like they are getting fed up providing this involuntary service, whether it be both by request or even force (and I have found results of both).  Maybe our own dead are the ones being used to “perform” for EVP recorders?   Could our own dead be victims of an aggressive controlled force and told to never talk or if they do they must adhere to what they are told to say?  Trouble is ghost hunters are worldwide and spreading each and every day; they are going to have to call in for backup if they want to keep everything from us and only feed us phrases and anecdotes about the dead, dying and ghosts.
 If on every case we investigate one or more of our team members are mentioned by name in an EVP, someone is aware of whom we are.  So if our names are being relayed, is this a scare tactic?  If so, we are the last people to be affected by this method. 
So as time went on I found my own name began to pop up in EVP’s.  Now it is at the point where I hear it so many times I don’t even save a lot of them.  I have to say, not all usage of my name is bad, I discovered that more often than not it is in kindness, curiosity, admiration or even love.  Then there are the downright nasty ones, foul language has been tossed my way, the most evil ideas, etc.  I decided this might be an interesting topic of an article as I know many investigators have this same experience and I decided to put together a reel of some examples of this “name calling.”
I would be curious to hear how many of you have found your own names in EVP sessions and how your name was used and more importantly, by whom.

A. Anderson


  1. I find your post very interesting! I just recently had someone listen to a recording for me - for EVPs. I haven't heard all of it yet, but what he shared we me scared the beejeebers outta me! I'm not sure where it was on the recording even because he has the EVP sound system stuff, but apparently the EVP was, "Hello Tyra" - used my name. I work in a library - brief history, lots of children died from drinking the water on this spot in the late 1800's. A friend of mine tells me that NOW I should be terrified, that only bad spirits will use your name. Have you found this to be true?

  2. The longer you record and more importantly examine your recordings and listen, you will hear more and realize there are re-occurring sounds and voices. I think some do follow you and are very aware of you and don't mean you harm, and there are others that might try. Hearing your name can be used in both bad and good context, I have heard the nastiest language with my name and more often than than the term "I love you". So, think about it like everyday life, the good with the bad, its all a balance. There are good people and nasty people, you deal with them on a daily basis, just because you can't always see them doesn't mean they aren't around.

  3. I just finished an investigation a few months ago. My name was mentioned twice in my recordings. They both came from children. I was in an asylum. About a year ago, I was at a former civil war hospital ( house). I was in another building from another group which remained in the main house. I was talking with ovilus. It was a Spanish voice that came over - It said my name and then "Diablo" - What was interesting, in the main house at the same time - My name was stated and the word "devil". What could this mean?


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