Sunday, December 5, 2010


While listening to past EVP’s I tend to group certain types together that have similar occurrences or content.  I have noticed recently that many, if not all, contain something extra I think nobody has noticed; prompting. 
I found in recent EVP’s, that prior to each word or phrase, you hear a whisper of either another voice saying “Now”, or “Talk” or more often than not, they are relaying exactly what to say in reply to our questions.  So, this implies there is not only an intelligent reply, but that there are others who, for whatever reason, are either feeding them specific words or phrases or helping them communicate. 

It could very well be that there are people somewhere else (I use that term figuratively speaking as they may be right next to us) that wish to communicate but do not fully understand how to do so.  Perhaps they are getting help to make this communication step.  I challenge each of you to go back to your EVP’s and listen carefully before each of your EVP’s, and listen for a prompt from someone else.  Not all will have them, and you will find often that the prompt is a whisper or whispery type voice rather than the full-sounding voices we capture in EVP.
Now the range of emotion on these prompts is interesting, some have been helpful, others have been downright nasty and demanding.  An oddly enough, some of the most fascinating have been prompts of religious phrases and anything related to ghosts, death and dying.  Some examples are “heaven”, “are you my angels”, “I’m dead” and “we’re dead.”  Now take the last two for starters, if you were dead why would the first thing you tell someone be the phrase “I’m dead”, if you weren’t?  And why would you also say the phrase “we’re dead” if you are amongst those that aren’t.  I mean if you use all the energy you can muster to communicate and all you have to say to someone is “I’m dead?”  Everyone always dismisses the basic fact that if they can speak they must be using thoughts rather than vocal chords and those thoughts are imprinted on our devices.  Now, that is a lot of assumption if you ask me and it might very well be that that theory is correct, but just as valid, it may not be. 
Who is to say we are not surrounded by others all the time? Just because we can’t always see and hear them with our own eyes and ears, doesn’t mean they don’t exist on some other realm around us and have voices and bodies, etc.   And on the other hand, perhaps those voices are of our people whom have moved onto somewhere else, but the question still remains is somebody making them say specific things so as to never reveal how things actually are. 
Maybe what happens when our physical body dies and we return to our energy element, is not so wonderful or not as we have been ingrained into believing, in all cultures around the planet.
But, there still remains the action of prompting in EVP’s.  Who is making others say things to us that are very specific and only relevant to whatever we are asking or doing?  What is the purpose behind these actions?  You have to think the large majority of people, who are ghost hunters, think they are mainly conversing with the dead.  Well, if you think about it, this is more peer pressure from popular folklore and history than individual free thinking.  We still have no proof that we have ever had communicated with the dead.  And those that claim their Grandmother spoke to them and sent them a message via a voice recorder, who is to say that the ones who said it weren’t being prompted by someone else with an agenda?  And chances are that that voice you convinced yourself was your Grandmother, was a woman somewhere being coerced into pretending to be your relative and saying what you wanted to hear.
I have captured one particular EVP discussion where a person says “they are fucking ghosts, I am not!” with the reply from a prompter, “therefore I send people.”  So, this implies that someone "is" a ghost and somebody else doesn't want to pretend and speak for them?  Maybe our dead, or even still, someone else's dead isn't so good at communicating, and others were assigned to help.  Another angle would be that our dead is not even in the picture at all, and they are simply another type of being, whom we hear and see often and since we call them "ghosts" they get others to prompt them on what to say. 

So, not everyone feels this prompting business is a pleasant one, that maybe someone is being forced to “perform” for ghost hunters.
Along with this article I will also post a video of collected examples of these “prompts” so you can hear for yourself.  After, I suggest going back over past EVP’s and take a closer listen for these prompters, you may find more than you think.

A. Anderson

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