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Alcatraz has such a vast history beyond the Federal prison as it was originally an island (called “Devil’s Island” by the local Native Americans who refused to set foot on it) that housed a Civil War Fort to protect they Bay, along with Fort Point under the Golden Gate Bridge.  Now neither Fort ever saw battle, but I am sure there were skirmishes with the local tribes as they jailed many Chiefs who refused to give up their land in the area.
During a private, overnight trip to Alcatraz in August this past year, I left a recorder in the library, not sure what I would capture.  When people inside the prison walk by or approach it, it is more than obvious with the trailing echo.  The library, as I had been told, was the original jail cells housing both Civil War deserters and Native American Indians.  When it was turned into a Federal prison, it became the library for the inmates.  I didn’t know what I would capture, but I figured at least tagging would be easy on this one since there were 12 investigators and the rangers on the island.

I found some unusual EVP’s in this session, and keep in mind I was not holding, nor was I anywhere near this recorder during the session itself.  I simply walked over, set it down on the bench and said goodbye.  The results were very intriguing, I did get some standard EVP fare but I also captured what was a little startling in comparison to the regular audio anomalies I find.
I recorded what seemed to be the ramblings of one gentleman who was either mad or very random in his interaction with the recorder itself.  I captured some of his breaths, even loud whistling on different sections and random words like “Hate this”, “I’m a dead soul”, “HI Pete” and others.  It was like he sat down beside the recorder and just let out a phrase or a random word here and there for no apparent reason over the session recording time of 90 minutes.
Besides these EVP’s provided by this mysterious gentleman, I also captured a section of audio that sounds like a woman mumbling, and none of what she says makes any sort of sense as it seems like she is just talking to herself.  Then we hear a woman loudly (enough to hear the actual echo inside the prison) say “Is she barefoot?” and a male voice replies, “But apparently, but exhausted.” This is followed by the original woman struggling with someone and her crying out, “Let me go, no, let me go!”
What does this EVP mean?  Well, first of all, it doesn’t give us the usual “I’m dead”, “We’re dead’, “Help me”, it is two people, a man and woman doing their own thing with no idea they had been recorded doing something to this woman.  What I find interesting is the woman who was mumbling did not sound like she was originating from inside the prison itself like the other two; she seemed to source from somewhere else.  You do hear lots of seagulls (the only thing inescapable on Alcatraz it seems), but the content of this EVP sequence is pretty fascinating if you think about who and what and even the when aspect.

Was this woman being watched by someone else, somewhere else?  Maybe it was a capture of time in another parallel place?  Either way the two spectators seemed intrigued by her. 
I have a theory about EVP’s that don’t seem to interact with us in any way; most investigators refer to them as residual, energy impressions perhaps left imprinted on a specific area or object from the past.  I tend to think they are more of phenomena that I like to call “time captures.”  Maybe these short audio pieces are moments from another time or place.  I have captured gunfire or what sounds like a battle and even a classroom of giggling girls and door slam.  I have strong doubts that they are radio broadcasts, cell phone interference or television broadcasts. 
The strongest question remains, who are these two observers?  They don’t sound like everyone’s ghost EVP profile do they?  They seem intelligent, competent and curious as to the nature of this woman and her actions; but why?  What happened to her prior to this that left her so distraught?  Was somebody else doing something to this woman while the other two monitored?  Was she being abducted by someone and the other two were there to oversee it happen?
I hold this example to those that think recorded EVP’s are merely our own physical dead who have moved on (of which we still have no concrete proof), who is to say this isn’t another example of many kinds of people all around us that don’t  see or hear.
I have to wonder, what became of that poor woman?  Was she a lab rat for some other race of beings?  What was she used for?    We don’t have any real answers, but the audio results prove to be worth the exploration.
A. Anderson

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