Monday, February 10, 2014

EVP Hotel Del Oro - San Nella CA 1-25-14 Voice To Voice EVP #43

A recent overnight trip to San Nella, CA for an Odd Fellows conference, allowed us to stay at the Hotel Del Oro.

The hotel was fairly deserted right off the highway and nobody seemed to be staying there except for our Lodge members.  There was an eerie quality to the place, especially after hours.

Some fellow Lodge members who came to the conference last year and stayed here, said a security guard told them, she would sit at the end of the courtyard in the gazebo and see a figure moving along the side of the courtyard.

The hotel has a restaurant but it was closed up, not sure if it is seasonal or due to lack of guests.  Entire wings of the hotel were padlocked up and not being used as well, so one has to wonder if the heyday for this hotel has come and gone.

Shadow figures were said to be seen moving around inside both the restaurant and the dining room.

We did some EVP work inside the dining room for quite a while with a few interesting EVPs as well as some unusual table knocking.


After we left the dining room (and received some odd EVPs) we walked around the grounds of the hotel for a bit and looked down onto the courtyard.

We moved into our room, #338, where a woman had committed suicide a few years before, to do some EVP sessions and some Ghost Box work.  We got nothing from the EVP session, but did capture some interesting results from the Ghost Box.  Now I am still unsure of the Ghost Box and whether its results are real or wishful thinking, since it uses a radio which is designed to pick up broadcast signals to begin with, but I am still using the device to see what it can deliver.  Here we got some replies.

I did leave my new Sony HDR Music Video camera shooting at an angle towards the courtyard overnight, but found zero results of any moving figures.

I wish I knew what used to be here before the hotel, I know it used to be an old Ramada Inn, but before that I haven't a clue.  Maybe someone who lives closer knows more about the history of the city and the property.

A. Anderson

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