Friday, April 18, 2014

EVP Cafe Del Rio - Virginia City, NV 4-4-14 Voice To Voice EVP #45

Another neat hidden spot that is currently a restaurant in Virginia City, NV is the Cafe Del Rio.  Some great Mexican food mixed with other cultural foods is a nice blend of tastes and ideas.  But, this is not a food blog, but I truly love the food!

Cafe Del Rio is inside what used to be an old grocery store (downstairs) and rooming house (upstairs).  Jackie and I ate here a couple of times during the weekend and then were allowed a quick look see investigation upstairs in the old rooming house portion where Jackie's friend Pam, was able to capture an interesting white mist figure on camera last time.

Four of the 12 rooms were situated now as banquet rooms for the Cafe, and the remainder (behind another door and down a narrow hallway, were under various states of restoration.  At first I though maybe it was an old hotel, but the downstairs portion did not seem to match any other hotel I had been in in Virginia City.  Wide and open and 3 entrances in the front of the building?  Now that I know it was an old grocery store, it make more sense that the upstairs was a rooming house.

We poked around in and out of the small rooms doing some EVP and taking lots of photographs.  Before we began, we both were standing just inside one of the two banquet rooms and I heard the creak of a door open and checked and no door had open that I could see.  When we went to go into the door leading to the other rooms, I found an inner door that creaked exactly like the one I had heard just minutes before!

I didn't sense anything to speak of but did manage to get a few interesting EVP's while we explored this lost portion of the building.

Who knows what history existed inside these small rooms on "C" Street.  Miners, cowboys, drunkards, prostitutes, etc.  If the walls could talk.

 I would love to return here after closing maybe and see what we find after hours.  Who might still be renting a room all these years later?


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