Friday, March 11, 2011

TIME CAPTURES - Voice To Voice EVP #11

There is a popular theory among paranormal investigators about residual energy.  If an individual(s) died in a tragic manner such as murder, execution, hanging, gunfire, etc. that maybe when that person left their body they left an imprint of energy behind.  For many, this is the cause of residual hauntings, where this energy remains imprinted in a specific location, and sightings or audio captures of that person or persons occurs.  Often claimed to be an energy time loop, replaying over and over again, take Gettysburg battlefield for example, there have been sightings of soldiers marching or walking through the fields then vanish.  Many men lost their lives at Gettysburg, over 150,000 the first day alone.  So, with all of that trauma could it stand to reason that some of the energy from all those people actually be instilled in one location?
I have another idea entirely, I am not so sure it is the energy of the person(s) who have died, but that maybe it is possibly the location itself.  Maybe there is limestone in the earth underneath, or some other natural elements, or even electro-magnetic fields, or maybe there are spots around the earth that have pockets of energies or magnetism.  I feel that these moments are not even necessarily loops of energy showing us an event replaying over and over, I wonder if perhaps this isn't a quick glimpse of time, not being replayed, but existing side by side to our own, we just get a peek of it happening.
The soldiers marching across the field, they may be doing just that in a time different from our own and somebody catches a quick glimpse and its gone.  Now, if they appear and then vanish into thin air, of course the first thing everyone says is "ghost."  So in fact it may not be a ghost at all, it is just a glimpse of someone, somewhere else for a split second.  I would simplify it to taking a peek over the time fence and seeing someone else for a moment, and vice versa.
In history when people claim to have seen oddly dressed people, they assume they are monsters, creatures or people from the future, etc, but maybe they were just seeing people from a future time crossing over for just a second.  So anyone from the past, who sees someone dressed from the future, may think all kinds of crazy things if they had to describe them.  This would also perpetuate the "ghost" mythology as well, let us say someone of the past, sees someone from the future and describe them as a spirit, demon or monster.  Someone from the future, sees a person dressed in period clothing and assumes they are spirits or ghosts of people who lived and died in that location. 
Maybe these "time captures" are not even at the same location, maybe they just move around the planet and open and close, and if someone is at the right place at the right time, you can possibly capture a moment of this on audio or video.

This idea of course puts a strong dampen on the theory of "ghosts."  If it is glimpses of living people in other times, then it stands to reason that at that moment it is seen, nobody is dead, so there are no ghosts.  On the other hand, if you are in the future or present and see a glimpse of someone from the past, in a sense it has already occurred and they are alive and dead at the same time, since the past has already happened.  So I guess in short, we are all "living ghosts."

Now I have had a total of 2 such experiences recorded on audio while doing EVP sessions at different locations.  I will present a video with this article showing the captures and why they hold an interest to me. 
The first location was captured at the historic Queen Anne Hotel here in San Francisco.  Built in 1889 and opened in 1890, the building began as the "The Mary Lakes School For Girls" which housed 100 girls in proper etiquette and social graces.  The school closed in 1896.  The building was sold to the Catholic church whom owned it for many years, it was a residency hotel in the 1960's and now is a hotel. 
At the time I was wandering alone in the halls of the hotel, doing some EVP work, the building was quiet and I could easily tag.  I was on the floor that used to hold the girls' classrooms and music room, and at that time it was all wooden floors.  Today of course it is all carpeted and there are no echoes of doors closing or people walking.  As I asked my usual questions in an EVP session, I captured on my Sony MiniDisc (digital) recorder, what sounds like a woman telling her students to "Shut that door!" and then you hear the rise of girls giggling and then the voice of a little girl maybe poking her head out into the hall saying, "Too-da-loo," slamming the door shut behind her.  Now the question I ask is, did she see me out in the hall to say "too-da-loo" or did she see somebody else from that time period?  If she saw me, then she saw a ghost.  Maybe I wasn't transparent or partial, and that could have to do with how much energy the time pocket has.  She doesn't sound afraid by what she sees and address before slamming the door shut, so maybe she just assumed it was a man in the hallway.  The chances of capturing a classroom setting on the very floor where classrooms of girls once existed, is an odd coincidence, if you consider it to be so.
The other moment is a little less defined, but I still find interesting.  I was in the basement of the San Francisco, Noe Valley Branch Library, and I was alone doing EVP work.  When I got back home I listened to what sounds like musket gunfire.  Keep in mind this area was inhabited by the Spanish who established the Dolores Mission in 1776.  Maybe there was a squirmish in the area back in the 1700's?  Could this have been a quick audio window that opened up and allowed me to record a "Time Capture"?
These types of "Time Captures" as I like to refer to them, intrigue me and they are not that common, so when I find them I am fascinated with the possibilities of their sources.  Is time everywhere all around us? And as investigators, we have the odd chance at capturing some of these moments as we investigate in many different locations and areas.  Who knows what curiosities time has to offer us.
A. Anderson

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