Monday, January 20, 2014

EVP Chancellor Hotel 1-10-14 Voice To Voice EVP #42

Recently, I and Jackie Kleeb and another friend Terri, went on a quiet investigation of the Chancellor Hotel here in San Francisco, off of Union Square.

The hotel is 100 years old this year, and was built for the Pan American Exposition in 1915.  It has a few stories to share in its past including that of a suicide of a woman on the 13th floor and others of windows opening and closing on the 15th floor, along with appearances by full bodied apparitions.

We soon realized the noise levels when we reached the tall and lean hotel.  But the noise did seem to dwindle the higher we went up (16 floors in all).  And ironically enough, this hotel HAS a 13th floor!  Most hotels skip 13 and go from 12 right onto 14, but not this one.

We did visit room 1101 where the apparition was said to have been seen at the foot of the bed.  We did some EVP work in all rooms and locations we visited, including 1501 and in the halls on floors 13 and 15.

We did not find much in the very busy basement, so we pressed upwards.  No physical activity to speak of, but I did capture some interesting EVPs.

 Is the Chancellor Hotel haunted you ask?  I would have to visit a few more times to come up with any conclusions.  And I am willing to take the task...

A. Anderson


  1. I'm at the Chancellor right now. My boyfriend and I checked in earlier, and I put some things away in drawers. We went to get something to eat, and when we came back, the top dresser drawer was open. I'm fairly certain I would have noticed a drawer being open before leaving the room. There was nothing valuable in it, and nothing was taken, so now I'm spooked.

  2. Very cool! It always happens when you least expect it!


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