Thursday, April 4, 2013

EVP St Mary Louise Hospital Virginia City NV 4-27-12 - Voice2VoiceEVP #031

St. Mary Louise Hospital
Virginia City, NV

About a year ago some friends and I attended a conference at St. Mary Louise's Hospital in Virginia City, NV.

We all stayed inside the building itself and I myself slept on the top attic floor.

It was the same weekend as the BMX Motor Cross races, so bikes were literally everywhere in town and people were camping inside campers all over.  The very race track came down the road towards St. Mary Louise's but turned right as you approach the gate.

We tested out various equipment including the new Precipitator device. We did hold a seance inside what was the morgue of the hospital and also did investigations throughout the building during the weekend.

It seemed on the surface not all that haunted if you were to visit via personal experiences but I did manage to collect some rather unusual EVP's nonetheless.

The video above is over 21 minutes long and it does capture all of the coherent EVP's I found that weekend. 

I did have my own personal experience on the top attic floor.  Once everyone else had gone to sleep (around 1:30-2:00am) at least from going up to the top floor, I slept inside what was the Nun's room, where back during the hospital days, the Nuns would share the room in shifts to rest, relax, etc.  In the middle of the night I hear footsteps outside the door of my room in the hallway.  I also heard the sound of a glass jar brushing against wood (in the other room they had beds set up inside the women's infirmary with crates for side tables with glass bottles on some, for how it might have looked.  The sound was exactly like one of those bottles being picked up and put back down.

Besides the footsteps, a man talking to someone else in the hallway, and again more footsteps, then all of a sudden it all stopped.  Was I a bit frazzled by all of this activity?  Yes I was and didn't jump out into the hall to check it out, mainly to see just how long it would continue.

You have to realize on that top floor besides the servants/Nuns room in the middle, there is also the one-room psychiatric ward where there was a fire when a patient had set himself and the room on fire years ago. 

The men's ward was on one side of the floor and across the hall was the women's ward.  Children were also kept here in an orphan situation.  So miners, orphans, nun's and anyone else who had the money to pay for healthcare at the time all in the place at once.  It must have been full of people both coming and going with all kinds of stories to tell.

Nice place and the building is in amazing condition considering how old it is.  Check out the video see if you can guess some of the EVPs.

A. Anderson

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