Sunday, October 6, 2013

EVP Washoe Club - Knights of Pythias - Mackay Mansion Virginia City, NV Voice To Voice EVP #39

Another trip to Virginia City is always a lot of fun because you have so many old buildings to investigate.

This time, we hit the old favorite The Washoe Club.  We arrived after 11:00PM and had a drink and then proceeded to wait inside the museum until the bar closed for the night and we could begin.

We checked our gear and made sure we had enough battery power and then when the time came, headed upstairs.

Usually I tend to stay for at least 4-5 hours (or have in the past) but this time out, we had 2 locations to investigate on this Friday night, the Washoe Club and the old "For Sale" Knights of Pythias building, which was a fraternal club much like the Masons or Odd Fellows.  

Once upstairs we did a group EVP session, then broke off into groups.  I did not capture much this visit except 2 EVPs, both from the same recorder left on the banister going up to the 3rd floor.

After less than 90 minutes, we move down the street and up to Street "B" to the Knights of Pythias building.  A Two-story building badly in need of some repair and upkeep.  Although for sale, one of our group members managed to get us into the building both Friday night and Saturday day.

 We looked around and did some group EVP as well as some spirit box work.  No personal experiences to speak of, but we did capture some EVP.

We also did a short EVP session inside the Goldhill Hotel Miner's Cabin before we started the night off, and I snagged on clear EVP reply.
The next afternoon, we returned to the Knights of Pythias building and did some more EVP work.  This time I captured only a single EVP, but I also managed to capture it both on audio and video.

 Then after exploring Virginia City a bit, we proceeded to begin Saturday evening at the Mackay Mansion.  We had a marvelous dinner and then our small group set out to investigate.  It was very hot even after the sun went down, so this made it a challenge.  

So, we first looked around the outside of the Mansion before the sun went down, then we moved indoors where we investigated.  After dinner we all sat around and had a nice long talk about the history of the mansion and the Mackay family.  And then it was lights out and time for the investigation itself.


 Most of our group left after our investigation, I and Terri remained to spend the night in the mansion.  She slept in Mrs. Mackay's room and I slept in Mr. Mackay's room.  We kept the adjoining door open in case any activity might occur during the night.  I set up a video camcorder out in the hall facing the stairs leading up to the hallway.  Who knows what you will capture in this old house?  Well, take a look at the video above and you will see exactly what that camcorder captured as we slept.

A. Anderson

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