Monday, July 15, 2013

EVP Alcatraz Hospital 07-04-13 Voice To Voice EVP #38

 Another recent visit to the notorious prison, Alcatraz and some activity up inside the hospital.

We first did some EVP in the infirmary and then I moved around the whole hospital itself, including the pharmacy.  I began and ended inside the operating room.

Some interesting results and a couple rather clear and shocking voices.  I won't spoil it, but when watching the video you will see each of the 6 EVPs presented as is where I tell you the speech of one of us prior to or after the actual EVP, and mark the EVP as simply "EVP (in green).  Then I repeat the same EVP and tell you what I think the EVP says (in green) and then play just the EVP again twice, only now it is isolated by itself.

I have captured some very strange full-voiced EVPs out on the island and I have to wonder if with all of the natural movement of the currents and tides, if it doesn't help magnify the voices with natural energies around it.  The power of nature has been used in many of our power plants around the world, and the movement of water is pretty powerful.  I never know what I will get out there in the middle of the Bay, but they are amazing results nonetheless.  Take a listen.

A. Anderson

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