Monday, June 24, 2013

EVP Riverview Cemetery Essex, CT 06-02-13 Voice To Voice EVP #37

Another recent stop was the small fishing town of Essex, CT.  This small colonial town was the basis for Collinsport, ME the town featured in the 1966-71 gothic soap opera, DARK SHADOWS. 

This building to he left is the basis and exterior for The Collinsport Inn.  Other locations around town also serve as exterior locations, including Maggie Evan's cottage, the Police Station and even road signs for Evans Lane and Collins Lane.

After scouting them all, we finally found the Evan's Cottage, and right behind it (or beside it really) lies the Riverview Cemetery.  An old cemetery with graves dating back to the late 1600's.

I did a little EVP session in the location on a very hot June day and received a few interesting replies. 

Many families are lay to rest here from the town itself including the Pratt family.  We were told that there is a very specific grave headstone that reads "Barnabas Bates", which some say was the inspiration for the character name Barnabas Collins, the reluctant vampire of the series.

After a good 35 minutes we gave up on locating the grave site.  But I take some good photographs and recorded a couple EVPs.

The town has quite the history as well, having been invaded by the British and most of their ships
having been burned in the marina.

A nice town with lots of nice expensive homes, would love to retire here.

A. Anderson

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  1. Essex is my home town. Been to that cemetery many times and always have experiences.


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