Tuesday, June 18, 2013

EVP Merchants Museum House NY, NY 5-30-13 Voice To Voice EVP #36

Another stop on my recent trip back East was to the Lower East Side of Manhattan and to the Merchants Museum House.

Built in 1832 it is the only intact 19th century home while the entire neighborhood around it has morphed and changed.

I did a little EVP work while I poked around on each of it's fully furnished floors and picked up a few voices, perhaps the family still resides over the home and appreciates that it is now a museum for all to enjoy but to leave alone at the same time.

An amazing look back in time at how a middle class family lived daily life with the kitchen on the bottom floor and servants quarters on the very top floor.

All of the furniture inside is antique and in amazing condition and the staff was very friendly and helpful.  She told me that the local ghost hunting group claimed it was the most haunted house in Manhattan!  They are also doing nighttime ghost hunting investigations as well.  Anything to help this museum out is a bonus, so history buffs and ghost hunters alike, check out this historical find down by the Bowery.

In the shot above you can see the back garden with its towering walls to keep out noise of modern day life.

Below are some more shots of the inside of the house.  My video for this blog post also gives you some background and history of the place. Take a listen.

A. Anderson 

Visit The Merchants Museum House


  1. Nice voice over work, sir! Very professionally done. You might also want to include the link for the wonderful Merchants House: www.merchantshouse.org


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