Thursday, June 13, 2013

EVP Sleepy Hollow Cemetery - Tarrytown, NY 5-31-13 Voice To Voice EVP #35

On a recent vacation trip to New York, my friend Lisa and I decided to drive Upstate and visit the mansion that was used in the filming of the two 1969 and 1971 DARK SHADOWS films, the Lyndhurst Estate.

Since the mansion is located in Tarrytown, location of "Sleepy Hollow" from the Ichabod Crane story, we stopped for a peek inside the local cemetery dating back to the Revolutionary and Civil Wars.

This was a fairly large cemetery with the freeway on one side and a running creek or river on the other (there was also the small overpass of cement with a plaque that said it was the Sleepy Hollow bridge).  I imagine it used to be a small wooden bridge over the creek back in the day, but now, it is
simply a small cement overpass on the paved road.

While inside the cemetery I poked around a bit looking at the crypts and old headstones and names.  I saw some deer gathered a ways away in the shade and ran when they looked up to see me in the distance.  It was a very hot 100 degrees with humidity but still I wanted to look around.

Lisa looked a little bit and headed back into the car to wait for a bit.  I ventured out and did not see another soul (living anyway) around me.  I did do some EVP work and took a fair number of regular and 3-D shots of the graveyard.

I managed to capture a few good EVPs.  Take a listen and tell me what you think.


And for you DARK SHADOWS fans out there, here is a shot of Collinwood as seen in "HOUSE OF DARK SHADOWS" and "NIGHT OF DARK SHADOWS".

A. Anderson

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