Thursday, June 6, 2013

EVP Las Vegas Mormon Fort - Las Vegas NV 5-21-13 Voice To Voice EVP #34

Recently while attending the Las Vegas Paranormal Conference in May, we had some time off during the day and decided to plan some locations to explore in town and out of town.

First up was just down the road from the famous Fremont Street, just off of Las Vegas Boulevard. The location was a small State Park called "Las Vegas Mormon Fort".

First we looked at artifacts inside the park museum, and watched a bried video on the history of the Fort itself.

Then we were given the privilege to look through the results and findings of recent archeology digs on the site, where many pieces were found.  Plates, pipes, mirrors, toys, etc. 

Then we moved outside to the oldest building in the park and did some ghost hunting. 

 We captured some interesting results on our recorders. Lisa Olive who brought us to the site said she had been here before and got some very interesting results.  She was right, even in broad daylight just down the street in the 'City of Sin' we captured some voices.

At one point both Anne and myself experienced the same audible sound while we were there (this is inside the far back room with the cradle).

The creek that used to be much bigger is still there but sadly is small and polluted (what can you expect in Las Vegas?).  Lots of birds stay in the areas, it is a nice peaceful spot in a busy city.  History resides in the smack center of Downtown Las Vegas for those willing to take a look.

I even tried a new process while we were there on the site.  I have 15 minutes of prerecorded audio of me asking some questions on one recorder and then placed another one beside it to record to see what I could capture.  I walked outside and left it running.  Sadly the results were not very fruitful this time; maybe next time.

I would be curious to visit again at this site, to see whom else might be around.

A. Anderson

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  1. I might add to this that the building we were in is the oldest standing building in the whole state of Nevada! ~ Lisa


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