Tuesday, October 15, 2013

EVP USS Hornet Alameda CA 10-3-13 Voice To Voice EVP #40

On October 3, 2013 I attended the Alameda Paranormal Researchers event on the USS Hornet.  Most investigation teams seem to have a location they like to call "their own", a place they work with to hold events and help in any way they can to ensure the historic properties are on-going, whether it be a house museum, old hotel or in this case a retired Navy vessel.  APR works tirelessly in holding events and donating funds to keep the museum ship afloat and active.  And in turn the museum works with the paranormal team in holding events and investigations.  It is two organized entities working together and providing mutual benefits for one another.

I find no issues with this mind set, as they are working on a continual basis with the museum and bringing them both funding and visitors.  There sadly are other paranormal groups out there who do like to "lay claim" to locations that are said to be haunted, and make it clear to all other groups that the place is theirs and there is no room for more than one investigation team at that given location.

This behavior seems juvenile to me as the one who really needs the support in the end is the museum.  The USS Hornet Museum I am sure hopes to be around long after local paranormal groups have gone and the ghost hunting craze has waned.

APR seemed to encourage the invite of guest speakers and others in different fields of the paranormal to the event and upcoming events.  By widening the community, it can only expand the potential and ultimately benefit the historic locations that they tend to flock to to "investigate".

I attended this even in Alameda, CA with friends Jennifer, Jackie, Matt and Amanda.  Three of the five people in our group being from San Francisco, so this was across the water from our normal stomping grounds and our own group www.goldengateparanormal.com

After a pizza feed (yes I put a $10 bill into the tip cup since I know too well running these events is not cheap and any help is a help) and to hopefully encourage others to tip generously as they consume the pizza and Krispy Kreme donuts.  Then we watched some former evidence caught on the ship by APR and a speaker from MUFON, whom while listening to her speak helped me remember my older curiosity and interest in UFO research back in the 90's.  Good information and a solid even well planned and executed by APR.

Then we broke into small teams of 5-7 people and visited various locations on board the historic ship museum to investigate.


I had collected 4-5 EVPs on the ship at different locations.  I have my usual video of findings in this article.  One was captured in the Ready Room when we asked "What's your favorite John Wayne movie".  A nice whispered reply tells us how we were perceived that night :)

As we moved to the ship's movie theater I captured another EVP that was "talking about us" if you like.  

I did have one interesting experience on the ship when we moved from our first location (the Sickbay) to the second location (the Ready Room).  The entire group was ahead of me climbing the ladder upwards and Marlon was behind me making sure we were all accounted for.  At one point I saw both a person above me climb up and then turn right, and another still climbing upwards.  Now, the trouble is, our entire group went right, nobody else was supposed to be above me and continuing to climb upwards,  but I heard their shoes on the ladder.  I asked Marlon if we were splitting up, and some going up and some turning right, he said nope, turn right.  I climbed up the rest of the way, and turned right and our entire group was inside the Ready Room.  So who continued climbing up onto the next ladder up ahead of me  then?  Who indeed.

A great time was had by all and even Jennifer captured a pretty cool EVP that sounded like a radio conversation with a Captain and an Admiral.  Trouble was, there was no conversation on a radio while we were all in Sickbay.  A chat from the past maybe?  

A. Anderson

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  1. "Go away" COULD be "Green Berets", but the idea that any self-respecting Navy ghost would ever have THAT as a favorite defies belief! :)


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