Tuesday, October 16, 2012

EVP GOLD HILL HOTEL Virginia City, NV Voice To Voice EVP #28

The GOLD HILL HOTEL is the oldest hotel on the Nevada Com Stock.  We had tried to get into the Miner's Cabin closer to the actual hotel, but ended up across the street at a separate 2-story cottage called the "Miner's Brewery."  The site had been that of a one of the first breweries in the early 1800's until a fire destroyed it.  This Miner's Cottage was built on the same property during the gold rush days and now serves as part of the hotel, across the street.

I had brought my Camcorder, DVD Recorder, Voice Recorders and Still camera as well to see what we could find.  I placed voice recorder throughout the cottage both upstairs and downstairs, to see who might be talking away in the middle of the night.

I had posted earlier about some of my findings in an earlier post, but this second was something I had to do a follow up to, simply because it was a voice recorder I had not yet reviewed.  Some of the results are surprising!

Now I had carefully set up the camcorder to shoot the upstairs hallway aiming at the bedroom door at the end of the hall, I had this hooked up to a DVD-Recorder so it could capture for over 8 hours.  I checked the small viewfinder and it was pointed in the right direction and recording when I left it for the night.  When I returned in the morning, the menu button had magically come on and was left on and not only that, but a special effect was chosen, fade in and out!  So each time the picture faded in and out, so did the picture. So, 6.5 hours of the menu and special effect, useless.

Now I did have some interesting results with the recorder I left halfway down the staircase.  All of the others a small bit of results to no results (smaller bedroom upstairs had nothing).  This particular recorder I set in the lower frequency setting (which I have learned you can capture amazing sounds as opposed to the higher frequencies (also higher quality settings).  Many people attribute this to the white noise factor and that the hiss and noise created from within  the recorder is what the spirits, entities, creatures, things, use to speak.  I think the white noise theory is hogwash, but the different frequencies does bring varying results.

At one point you can hear a loud slamming sound from downstairs, and Terri mentioned that while she slept in the downstairs bedroom and I stayed in the upper floor bedroom, she heard a loud banging noise at some point.

I also captured the voices of some not very nice people, I won't spoil it for you, the video will present the results I captured.

Makes me now want to go back and see who else might be around, the whole areas is loaded with history and stories.

Are they the voices of the dead?  I still don't know, but I will say this, some of the nasty things I capture that are said could easily be the hatred of some evil person who moved on, but then again, what if it is the words of someone from somewhere else who acting nasty is a regular pastime?

Either way, I think evil does exist and much of it surrounds us along with the good on a daily basis, you just have to know how and where to look.

A. Anderson

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