Saturday, August 25, 2012

EVP Silver Queen Hotel Virginia City NV 7-7-12 - Voice To Voice EVP #25

The Silver Queen is said to be haunted and being in Viriginia City, NV the chances are strong.  Attending another local paranormal event, we stayed the night in the hotel. 

First we were haunted by 3 loud and very drunk living people, who after a couple hours of screaming, fighting and breaking up room furniture, were quieted down by a visit from the police.

Then finally quiet seemed to spread over the old hotel.  Our rooms were at the far end of the first floor, just before you go out onto the back patio.  I was in room #6 (on the right) and Terri was in #7 on the left.

I didn't feel anything to speak of, didn't hear anything odd. No knocks, breaths, whispers, nothing.  What I did do, was leave my voice recorder running overnight.  Did I get anything?  Yes indeed.  I won't spoil it of course, but give the video a watch and you will see.  I think they are also very clear EVPs as well.

So next time you are staying at the Silver Queen, maybe someone will stop by your room in the middle of the night and sit down beside you and watch you sleep. 

A. Anderson 

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