Friday, February 25, 2011

Pocket Paranormals - Set of 4 NOW ON SALE!


     Here are 4 issues of my new Pocket Paranormal series of mini-books, each on a different paranormal topic or variety.  The books contain information, facts and stories releated to each topic and have photographs or illustrations inside each one.

This set of 4 contains the following, each is 16-pages in B&W:

EVP: Electronic Voice Phenomena - A HistoryThe history of this audio practice is explained from its early beginnings to its present day use, also contains how-to-EVP in the back!
Ghostly History of the San Remo HotelThis small 104-year old hotel was built after the great San Francisco Earthquake and holds its share of ghost stories and history. Read about the wedding massacre! Is the Madame still roaming the halls? And who is the mysterious little girl in the air shaft? All this and more!
Ghosts of Fort PointThis Civil War Fort was built in 1861 to defend San Francisco Bay, but never saw battle, but you would be amazed at the bizarre and gruesome murders that took place around and inside its walls.
Shadow PeopleWhat are Shadow People and how come many have reported seeing them? This Pocket Paranormal takes a look at the many differnt varieties and also other mysterious creatures people have spotted.
Each set is available on Etsy for only $3.00 ea. + $1.25 postage. Overseas is $3.00 + $4.00 postage.
Check them out I intend to keep adding to the library!

A. Anderson

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