Friday, December 3, 2010


As an investigator, I am sure many of us have to ask ourselves, what is a ghost?  Is it the spirit or energy of person whose body has died and has moved into a new form?  Past history and culture has us all believing the theory that there is an “other side”, how do we know, really?”  I mean many believe in Heaven and Hell, and many do not and others have their own versions depending on their beliefs, but what does that make the “other side”?  Other side of what?

Perhaps there is no “other side” and these energy forms that used to be housed in physical bodies, are simply still with here, all around us.  I guess for lack of a better way to explain the movement from physical to energy one could easily say they “passed on” or moved to the “other side.”   The ancient Greeks believed that birth into the earthly world was considered death, being trapped in physical form.  I couldn’t find an exact origin of the term “other side”, but I did wonder if maybe a related term didn’t point to something similar, like “the grass is always greener on the other side”.

So let us assume for a better argument, that when we “cross-over”, “move to the other side”, “pass on”, “pass away”, maybe we are taking the next step in our energy evolution and not going anywhere, just our being is moving forward to something different. 

In another direction, what if when our physical body dies, our element of energy goes somewhere all together different than where we are while in our bodies.  Maybe all this time over centuries, those sightings of people and voices and interaction is not with our supposed “dead” people at all, perhaps its merely someone else who is somewhere else, or even where we are but in a different elemental form.  Maybe someone else exists all around us, not in the same physical form as we are, but in another way.  So where does our people go when they are once again returned to their energy elemental state?  Religion has its own theories.  Who is to say that the people we assume are our dead people, or ghosts, if you were, are not the dead of some other people from somewhere else.  There is a large chance that if the dead of some other people were close to us, they would have no clue what the term “dead” even means, and it may not even have relevance to their existence in any shape or form.  So if you ask “Do you know you are dead?” to someone who has not a clue what that is or what you are talking about, what do you think you will get as a response, probably nothing at all.  Or if they hear it over and over again, maybe irritation sets in and they tell you to “Get out” or “We’re not dead.” 

So when you ghost hunt you really have to ask yourself, who am I looking for?  Who am I talking too?  Granted we really have no physical proof as to who and what we are recording in EVP’s, but to always assume everything is a ghost seems narrow minded to me, like taking the easy way out.  Maybe the extra-terrestrials everyone is looking for are living in your houses, playgrounds, schools and offices every day. 

Another food for thought is who is to say all of those voices we record and hear are the same people?  Maybe they are some of our people and also other beings and people alongside them.  This might explain the differences in the types of EVP’s that we record.  Could be voices from different people from another place or even the same place.

I think of this “other side” or “over side” is a term I like better, is only separated by a think onion-skin layer and it seems based on the upswing in paranormal activity and interest, that it is getting thinner all the time.  Changes are afoot, Watson, changes are afoot.

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